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State-of-the-Art Medical Imaging Equipment with a Difference

With cutting-edge scanning technology supplied by Siemens, HIRF has the potential to revolutionise patient care in the areas of dementia and ageing, mental illness, brain development and cancer.

HIRF's scanners are different from those normally used for diagnostic imaging of patients because each machine is a hybrid, combining two different types of scanning modalities within a single scanner. This enables the scanners to capture detailed anatomical images along with molecular and functional processes occurring within the body. In turn, this assists researchers to improve their understanding of disease and to quickly determine whether treatments are effective. For example, in cancer research, the scanners are able to locate a tumour in the body and give biological information about the cancer to improve diagnosis, optimise treatment planning and monitor whether therapy is working. In the case of neurological diseases such as dementia or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, the scanners will enable detailed studies of brain structure and function along with key pathological information relating to amyloid, tau accumulation and other receptor mediated processes.

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