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Senior Principal Research Fellow
Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO – Health & Biosecurity
Leader, Probing Biosystems Future Science Platform

Professor Stephen Rose is a Senior Principal Research Fellow within the Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO – Health & Biosecurity and Leader of the Probing Biosystems Future Science Platform.

He holds the title of honorary Principal Research Fellow within the UQ Centre for Clinical Research located at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

During his career he has contributed to the development and translation of innovative MRI and PET imaging technologies enabling more effective delivery of diagnostic and treatment planning services, improved patient outcomes and streamlining patient workflows.

Professor Rose is currently developing novel MRI and PET molecular imaging platforms in a number of clinical imaging research programs in oncology, neurodegenerative and brain development disorders.

Left: Quantitative measures of cortical morphometry derived from a structural MRI scan acquired from a child with cerebral palsy (CP). Such measures can be used to study important brain structure – function relationships in CP. Right: Contrast enhanced MRI and FDOPA PET images acquired from a patient with high-grade glioma. The FDOPA PET image clearly shows tumour infiltration not visible on MRI. This not only enables improved surgical planning, but also provides a marker of early treatment response for measuring the efficacy of new glioma therapies.

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