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UQ Vice Chancellors Research Fellow and Speech Pathologist
Language Neuroscience Lab at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Professor David Copland is a UQ Vice Chancellors Research Fellow and speech pathologist who leads the Language Neuroscience Lab at the UQ Centre for Clinical Research. The lab investigates the brain mechanisms involved in language and cognitive processing in young and older healthy individuals and in various neurological populations including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and adults with brain tumours.

Techniques employed include structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (including task-based and resting state), drug studies, and brain stimulation.

NHMRC funded work is currently investigating the post-stroke brain mechanisms driving language recovery and language therapy response in order to develop clinical predictors.

The lab also examines the modulation of language learning and its neural mechanisms by exercise and pharmacological manipulations (including dopaminergic agents).

: This figure demonstrates correlations between how well stroke patients respond to language therapy and the amplitude of low frequency fluctuations in the brain during a resting state scan (pre and post-treatment) (Van Hees et al. (2014) Human Brain Mapping).

David Copland figure 01


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