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CSIRO Data 61

Dr Salvado is Head of Imaging and Computer Vision at CSIRO's Data61. Data61’s 600 staff offer world leading capabilities in digital and data research, engineering and product development.  Dr Salvado's research develops innovative technologies to analyse medical data, including MRI, PET, biomarkers, and genetics. He has contributed to several methods for analysing MRI scans and reducing noise, mis-registration, and partial volume effect. Dr Salvado have worked and has been a CI on several projects where medical imaging has providing insight into diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration.

He has also led and contributed to developing the CSIRO cloud based image analysis platform for PET and MRI scans. He is actively involved in managing aspects of the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle study of Ageing, one the world leading clinical study of Alzheimer’s. His research interest include using machine learning for developing imaging biomarkers and investigating novel imaging technologies.

Dr Salvado has several adjunct positions with Australian universities, he is a regular assessors of scientific grants, a reviewers of international journal, and he is regularly involved in reviewing and organising international conferences. He graduated with a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in the US and an executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Figure: Example of a clinical report for PET scan. PET data can be sent automatically to a remote server (MilxCloud) where a technique using machine learning compares the scan to a database of well characterised subjects. From learning patterns in the database using MRI and PET, the method is able to estimate the signal signature for the brain surface of a new patient based only on the PET scan.

Olivier Salvado figure 01

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