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QIMR Berghofer

Christine Guo is the Team Head at QIMR Berghofer. Her training and research experience extends from molecular biology and genetics to systems neuroscience.

Dr Guo is leading several studies using a multidisciplinary approach, combining functional MRI imaging analysis, clinical anatomy and clinical neuropsychology.

She aims to develop sensitive and reliable markers for detecting and monitoring pathology in the brain using non-invasive imaging.Clinical projects including: Multi-disciplinary imaging platform for neurodegenerative disease; Imaging markers for early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease; Imaging markers for sub-typing major depressive disorder; Brain imaging for surgical planning in refractory epilepsy.

Basic Science projects including: The neural circuitry for emotion; The role of the cerebellum in social cognition and emotion.

Figure: Intrinsic connectivity patterns of cerebral (top row) and cerebellar (bottom row) atrophy regions in Alzheimer’s disease.

Christine Guo figure 01 


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