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Specialised PET services Qld

Associate Professor Paul Thomas is the Assistant Director.of Specialised PET Services Queensland, based at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

He is a consultant nuclear medicine physician and PET specialist who undertook fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and PET training at the Clinical PET Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

He oversees the radiopharmacy laboratory at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital which manufactures specialty PET tracers for supply to HIRF. Paul is the President of the Australasian Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists and a member of the Training Site Accreditation Committee for Nuclear Medicine in Australia.

Paul has a variety of research interests in PET/CT and PET/MR including PSMA PET/CT and PET/MR in prostate cancer staging and radiotherapy planning, PSMA PET in renal cell carcinoma, hypoxia and FDOPA imaging of glioma, chemokine imaging and risk stratification in a variety of malignancies, and technical projects concerning motion correction and using kinetic analysis to improve the accuracy for detection of metastases.

Figure: PSMA PET scan shows a non-dominant Gleeson 4+5 nodule in the right lobe of the prostate not evident on MR. The larger, lower grade nodule in the posterior peripheral zone to the left of the midline was visible on both modalities. Left to right: MR, PSMA PET, PSMA PET superimposed on CT, block mount histology H&E staining (with the two tumour foci inked).

Paul Thomas figure A 


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